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Invest with purpose. Expand and diversify your investment portfolio from within the same account.

What are Zones

Zones enables you to open and manage sub-accounts which allows you to try numerous investment profiles at the same time (aggressive vs conservative), open an investment account for your kids or invest for a specific goal like buying a car or going on holiday. Zones are managed through your mail account and lets you define your investment criteria for each respective zone.

Diversify your portfolio or invest for someone special

*All zones are managed through your mail account and allows you to define your investment criteria per individual zone.

Something special

Invest for a specific goal (buying a car, going on holiday, etc).

Diversify your

Try out a wide range of investment profiles simultaneously.


Open an investment account for your grandkids. It’s a gift that keeps on giving – no matter the amount, it’s the gesture that counts.

Tarya Teen

Opening a Tarya Teen account is a great way to get young adults (especially after the bar/bat mitvah) to start their journey to financial independence. You can give them access to their dashboard or send them a monthly report enabling them to track their investments performance. Ideal for teens who don’t want to spend all their money at once or afraid of keeping cash with them.

Tarya Kidz

Open an investment account for your kids and teach them the value of investing.

Did you know?

If you want to invest on a regular basis - without having to remember - you can set up an automatic monthly transfer to any zone of your choice!

Create a zone
How to set up ZONES


Register or login to your existing Tarya account


Select the dropdown menu from your account name and open a new Zone


Select transfer from main account button to redirect money from your existing Tarya account to your newly created Zone
Make a bank transfer to the Trust account with the relevant reference number


Once a Zone has been opened you can change the investment preferences by clicking on the Dashboard button


This will redirect you to a dedicated zone dashboard showing the performance of the selected Zone