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Imagine a next-gen, split-risk, multiple vertical financial ecosystem where everybody in it – gains.

Reshaping Banking

Tarya is changing the face of traditional banking. Our unique community-based business model enables us to empower organizations from a wide variety of verticals to provide their own customers with versatile, financial solutions where it counts most – at the point of sale.

A win-win for all involved, the organization benefits from an additional revenue channel, the customer receives a low-interest loan, on-demand, and the investor enjoys a solid investment with low risk exposure. Now that’s nextgen finance.

Investor Community Benefits

Better risk assessment

The onboarding of borrowers for significantly lower risk

Fast, customized underwriting

Optimized algorithms based on multiple data points

Shared security

First loss by the community

Portfolio diversification

Core technology adaptable to multiple market sectors reducing individual market sector risk

Start Investing

win, win, win

A shared economic system where everyone gains




Community Based Business Model

Community Capital

Secured loans
with First loss from community

Retention, growth
and Capital Leverage

Convenience and Flexibility

Sophisticated Technology


Prime Borrowers

Lower Risk

Fast Go/No go

Point of Sale System (POS)

Prime Borrowers

Business growth, customer retention, relevance and ownership of data


Loan Management System (LMS)

Diversification and spreading of portfolio with transparency of information



Proactive Regulatory Approach





Risk Management

Lower risk

Lower risk

How it works in a nutshell

1. Investor invests money in Tarya

5. Loan repayment and interest is paid back to the investor

4. Borrower repays the loan to Tarya

3. If a borrower passes the underwriting process their loan is approved, and money is paid directly to the Community

2. Community offers credit to selected customers

One community.
Multiple market sectors. Serious gains.

Healthcare providers


Travel Banking



Car Dealers

Endless possibilities

Want to open your own community and add Value to Tarya’s platform?

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