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Empowering the public financially, by making alternative investment and credit solutions available to all individuals and businesses.

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Founded on trust, fairness and transparency we will offer an innovative platform, backed by professional services, which caters to all investors - no matter their portfolio size.

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Reshaping Banking

An innovative alternative investment platform which enables anyone to invest in a reliable, stable and solid platform.

With Tarya’s unique technology, the profits of the loans are returned to the investors and not the traditional financial institutions, providing real time financial solutions to borrowers, where and when needed.

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The Story behind our story

“never again”
Eyal Elhayany, Co-Founder and CEO of Tarya Holding

In the summer of 2010, Eyal visited his hometown of Arad, where he met Iris, a single mother of 3 children who works hard to support the dignity of her small family. During that year, one of her children became ill, expenses increased until she was forced to take a loan. By 2011, Iris's loan had become a heavy financial burden, the once strong and self-sufficient woman was now struggling to make ends meet.

Eyal realized that Iris wasn't the only one in this predicament.
That's how TARYA was born.
We encourage people not to take a loan if they don’t really need to.
But if you do, you can use Tarya’s platform to provide you with a personalized financial solution which meets your needs and abilities. We believe in a decent solution, and apply it.

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