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Tarya is your home for investments and loans between people. With advanced financial solutions along with smart technology, your money can work for you. How? Your investment funds are given as a collateral-backed loan to borrowers like me and you who have undergone a comprehensive review process to evaluate their repayment capacity. The loan is distributed among thousands of loans, and there is a system of hedge funds that protects it. You can begin investing with us with any amount and at any time.
Why do we do what we do?
There is no reason your money should sit in the bank gathering dust or be invested in a short-term deposit with low yield. And most importantly – there is no reason why your money should line the bank’s coffers, when you could use it to do much more good for people like you and me and be part of the community.

All the reasons to choose Tarya

How much can you earn?

Start by setting goals, set an investment amount and the calculator will calculate for you

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    Investment amount


    Investors portfolio performances are individual and may vary depending on the various parameters selected. The data above shows the weighted average interest rate of all active loans in Tarya, after deducting Tarya’s fees, and after deductions of all late payments exceeding 60 days, and where relevant the deduction of the SAFE-500 protection fund fees.

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    Recommended portfolio: conservative

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Typical investment amount for new investors

See Our Portfolio in Real Time

In what is our money invested?

The money that is invested with us goes to defined and clear targets, while mitigating risk and providing value to both businesses and private individuals alike.

You can trust us

Tarya is built on three main pillars: regulation, technology and the community model.

Higher Returns with Tarya

Tarya’s investors earn significantly higher returns than bank deposits while maintaining lower risk than investment on the stock exchange.

Becoming an investor

A short, safe process allows you to start investing right away. It takes only a few minutes.

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