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Tarya is the largest alternative investment platform in Israel. We bring you personalized financial solutions tailored to your needs - any time you need it.

Reshaping Banking

It was only a matter of time until the financial crisis, low interest rates and the high cost of living would bump heads with the world of technology, ultimately, changing the game for everyone. Today, more and more investors are thinking out of the box, seeking alternative ways to invest their money and discovering that the natural relationship between technology, finance and community is by far, the most lucrative.

Reimagining the world of banking, Tarya offers both individuals and businesses innovative and personalized financial solutions designed to provide a significantly higher return on investment with minimal risk.


Your money. Your way.

Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and build an investment portfolio that’s just right for you!

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Investing with Tarya

How it works

Our main purpose is to keep your investment as risk free and save as possible. That is why we have developed an extremely sophisticated platform using the most advanced and innovative proprietary algorithms and business models to date.

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Investors portfolio performances are individual and may vary depending on the various parameters selected. The data above shows the weighted average interest rate of all active loans in Tarya, after deducting Tarya’s fees, and after deductions of all late payments exceeding 60 days, and where relevant the deduction of the SAFE-500 protection fund fees.

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total:   1,050,000

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Earning significantly higher returns with lower risk
From the graph it is clear to see that over time, Tarya’s investors earn significantly higher returns than bank deposits while maintaining lower risk than investment on the stock exchange.
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You are in control

Tarya’s platform is built from the ground up to keep you, the investor firmly at the wheel when it comes to your future. Combining three unique core elements, with Tarya, everyone gains in finance.

Your Money – Your Decision – Your Gain

Advanced, cutting edge proprietary technology, algorithms, machine learning and AI used to reduce risk and lower costs.

Extremely innovative mechanism which significantly reduces your risk, while adding value to businesses, borrowers and investors. At Tarya everyone’s a winner

Not only do we provide users with a stable platform, we are also regulated by the Capital Markets Authority. However, regulation does not stop there, we are proactively working on changing outdated laws enabling our users to gain more value.